The 2021-2022 School Year is Around the Corner

With the 2021-2022 school year right around the corner, the faculty and staff at SCBPS are putting the final touches on their classrooms.

After the Labor Day weekend, students in grades K-8 will return to school on Tuesday for another exciting year at Saint Charles Borromeo Parish School.

To the Class of 2022, we welcome you back for your final first day of school at Saint Charles and look forward to all you will accomplish this year.

As you run through the sand, splash in the waves, and soak up every last minute of the summer sun, rest assured that your teachers will be ready to welcome you back to school on Tuesday.

To our PreK students, we are excited to welcome you to the SCBPS community on Wednesday! You’ve already seen your classrooms, met your teachers, and even met a few of your classmates. Now, the fun begins with the start of your educational journey at St. Charles.

We hope you had a fun-filled summer with family, explored new places, and met new friends along the way. We can’t wait to hear all about what you did this summer, all the places you visited, and more.

Don’t stress about the first day of school. You are going to walk into a building full of love and laughter. Our teachers are ready to lead you on your academic journey for yet another school year. We can’t wait to see you hop off the bus or step out of your parents’ cars next week.

Be sure to smile (with your eyes of course) for the camera so we can show your family how much fun you had on the first day of the new school year.

Have questions about Saint Charles Borromeo? Call our school office at 856-829-2778 to speak with Mrs. Mary Glass. Visit us online for information about activities, registration, academics, and more.