I am the proud father of four St Charles Borromeo graduates. St Charles was the best choice for my daughters. My girls attended from preschool to eighth grade. The teachers, staff and parents made my children feel loved and cared for. One of my triplets (that is right I have triplets!) told me she did not want to go to high school because she did not want to leave St Charles! ​

Presently, all four of my daughters are honor students at Holy Cross High School, so I am very grateful for the excellent education they received from St Charles. More importantly, the Catholic values and faith that was instilled in them will last a lifetime. The parents, faculty, and administration truly care for the children. They make every child feel special, and they gave my children self-confidence and have enhanced their self-esteem. St Charles has helped my girls grow up to be delightful young ladies, and for that I will always be indebted.

Thank you St Charles Borromeo, we are grateful for all you have done for our family. St Charles is a wonderful spiritual and educational community. We will always cherish our time at St Charles and would recommend this special school to anyone
Larry Foglia
(Hannah-SCB Class of 2008 , Caroline, Zoe, and Molly– SCB Class of 2011)
My name is Kathy Fitzpatrick and my husband, Brian and I have chosen a Catholic school education for our four children. Our two eldest daughters have graduated from St Charles Borromeo School and are presently attending Holy Cross High School. We have two other children currently enrolled at St Charles. We are blessed to have been able to provide our children with the loving and enriching environment that St Charles offers. Both our girls were fully prepared for their high school experience from the foundation which they built in elementary school. Our choice to send our children to St Charles has proven to be a very rewarding for our entire family.
The Fitzpatricks
We understand you are looking for stories of successful graduates of St. Charles Borromeo School. We feel that our son, Anthony Minniti, SCB Class of 1984, is an excellent example of an outstanding St. Charles alumnus. Anthony currently serves on the Cinnaminson Township Committee, where he has just completed his first term as mayor. He is also the owner of Bell’s Pharmacy where he works as pharmacist-in-charge. He is a motivated, responsible, and ethical young man with a strong sense of integrity who is a constant source of pride to his family. We feel that the fine adult Anthony has become is due, in part, to the guidance and support of the St. Charles educational community. Throughout his years at SCB, Anthony’s teachers reinforced our efforts to instill in Anthony a healthy sense of respect for himself and for others. This helped him successfully navigate the stormy seas of adolescence, providing him with a strong moral compass. After graduating from SCB, Anthony attended Cinnaminson High School, where he excelled in his studies and was inducted into the National Honor Society. His years at SCB prepared him well for both high school, and later, for his demanding five year pharmacy course at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science.

The sense of fellowship that was such an integral part of his years in St. Charles School fostered in Anthony a strong commitment to give something back to his community. After graduating college, Anthony decided to make Cinnaminson his permanent home and to continue as a member of the St. Charles Borromeo parish community. Anthony and his wife. Shannon, were married in St. Charles Church in May of 2000. They are both very active parishioners, serving on the Stewardship Committee and volunteering for many parish activities.

My husband and I are very proud of Anthony’s accomplishments, and we feel that his character, principals, and work ethic were enhanced by the values-based education he received during his years as a student at SCB. We are pleased that we made the decision to enroll Anthony in St. Charles School, and we feel that the investment we made in his education has yielded returns that are beyond measure.
Jacqueline and John Minniti
Education has always been an important issue in our family. We chose St. Charles Borromeo School when our children were ready to begin their formal education because Not only did the school provide a quality academic background, but also an environment where Christian values were taught and practiced. All four of our children are St. Charles graduates. Our daughter Michelle is currently an NBC-TV National News Correspondent and had traveled widely with her job. She Recalls with fondness her early years at St. Charles where she was imbued with a love of learning and taught the meaning of respect for self and others. The dedicated faculty of St. Charles does a wonderful service in preparing our children for their future as Catholic adults.
Jeannette Kosinski
Our son Luke is in first grade and Joanna is in 7th and Stephen,our oldest, is at Holy Cross High School. We choose to send our children to St Charles for the same reasons Catholic parents have sent their children to parochial schools for decades: for a “good, Catholic education.” The staff at St. Charles is top-notch and provides an excellent education for all the students. There is a heavy emphasis on reading, math, developing good study habits, and appropriate use of technology in the curriculum. At St. Charles, we are confident that the faculty is doing all the right things to lay the educational foundations for a lifetime of learning. As important as academics is to us, it cannot be stated strongly enough that sending our children to a school that reinforces our Catholic values is an important factor as well. Sure, it is sometimes difficult to send our kids to a Catholic school, but knowing that our values are respected in their young lives makes the sacrifice worth it.
The Szyszkiewicz Family
The best testimonial regarding Saint Charles and how I feel about the school as a parent is not something that I have said or will say but rather something that I did. On September 11, 2001, my daughters Carolyn and Anne Marie were students at Saint Charles. Carolyn was in Pre-K and Anne Marie was in first grade. When the first Tower was struck, I was in a local gym with another Saint Charles mom. We began hearing that people were going to area schools and retrieving their children for fear of what else was yet to come. Neither I nor the mom I was with had any intention of picking the children up from school. We felt that they were safe and loved where they were and we did not want to foster a feeling of panic for the children. We later learned that the children were taken to church to pray for the victims of the horrible events of that day. This story epitomizes what Saint Charles has meant to me as a parent. I have felt each and every day that my children were safe, loved, protected and cherished by the staff at Saint Charles. It has been their “home away from home” and has instilled in them the confidence to be themselves and stand up for themselves. It has also instilled a sense of self-worth and appreciation of others. These life lessons are as important if not more than any lesson taught from a textbook.
The Szyszkiewicz Family
I still remember the names of every teacher I had at St. Charles. The work ethic and love of learning that these individuals taught me helped me through college, med school and residency and continue to help me now as a busy working mom. My seventh grade science teacher, Mrs. Damiano, sparked my love of science and influenced my career path. I can only hope to have the same kind of impact on the young people I now have the opportunity to teach.

​ Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine
Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters
Department of Allergy and Immunology
Eastern Virginia Medical School Norfolk, VA
Kelly (Bodner) Maples MD