Back to School Night 2022-2023




Back-to-School night is a wonderful opportunity for teachers and parents to gather to discuss the education we provide at St. Charles Borromeo Parish School. The night is geared toward parents getting to know their child’s teacher a little better and learning the goals and expectations of the classroom. Please remember that, while we’re here to discuss your child’s education at St. Charles, Back-to-School is not a good time for one-on-one conferencing with teachers. If you would like to schedule a conference, please contact your child’s teacher.Contact Mr. Johnson with any questions about Back-to-School night. We look forward to meeting all of you and spending the year learning together!

6:30PM – 7:00PM​All meet in McCusker Hall. Presentations by Principal, PTA, and Carnival Chair

7:05PM – 7:25PM​Session 1: Meet in teacher’s classroom

7:30PM – 7:50PM​Session 2: Meet in teacher’s classroom

Middle school teachers will meet with parents in McCusker Hall at 7:05PM for the first teacher meeting session.

There are two sessions to accommodate families who have more than one child in the school. Parents may choose the order in which they meet their child’s teachers.

Specials teachers will be in their rooms from 7:00PM – 7:50PM. Please visit them as your schedule permits: Spanish (Rm 108), Art (Rm 200), Music (Rm 201), Gym (Computer Lab), Computers (Computer Lab), Middle School Religion (Rm 205).