Pre-Kindergarten Program (AGES 3 + 4)

The Saint Charles Borromeo Parish School Early Childhood Program encourages children to discover their world through hands-on experiences. These experiences allow the children to develop the skills necessary for future school success. Our program strives to increase the child’s knowledge of the world through activities designed to help self-awareness. Since they are growing in social awareness, the children learn to work with their peers. While recognizing that all children possess strengths and weaknesses in all areas of development, our teachers strive to provide a rich variety of activities and experiences, which will challenge and encourage the child to develop at his/her own pace. In a nurturing environment created by caring professionals who exemplify Catholic beliefs, values, and attitudes, the children are encouraged to develop a positive image of themselves and others. The children’s sense of God comes from the warm atmosphere of love and acceptance in our school environment where they learn about God’s wonderful world.

The Pre-K Program

  • Teaches children about God’s love in the world

  • Develops Kindergarten readiness

  • Encourages socialization with peers

  • Fosters responsibility and independence

  • Promotes playing and sharing

  • Provides a hands-on experience

  • Builds self esteem


  • Learn to participate in prayer and liturgy

  • Foster an awareness of good works

  • Develop a positive image if themselves and others

Integrated Language Arts

  • Recognize letters in the alphabet

  • Develop listening and speaking vocabulary

  • Introduce special concepts (left to right, top to bottom)

  • Demonstrate phonological and phonemic awareness

  • Recognize and print first name


  • Count by rote

  • Sort by number, size, shape and color

  • Begin to develop number sense

  • Compare objects by observable attributes

  • Recognize simple time concepts


  • Understand the world around us

  • Explore cause and effect

  • Investigate simple concepts in Life and Physical Science

Social Studies

  • Encourage good citizenship

  • Recognize patriotic symbols

  • Understand our community

Weekly Classes

  • Spanish

  • Music

  • Gym

  • Library

  • Computers

  • Art

Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten is a place for children to begin preparing emotionally and socially for his or her many years of schooling. Each child will learn to work and play with others, will acquire listening skills, and will learn to feel secure in working alone or in groups. Most importantly each child will learn that he or she is unique and loved by God and others. Students will participate in our specially designed curriculum in Math, Integrated Language Arts, Religion, Social Studies, Science, Library, Computer, Spanish, Physical Education and Related Arts. All subjects provide a hands-on learning experience geared to the Kindergarten Level. Children participate in activities that allow them to imitate, model practice, share, explore and face challenges to extend and build on their emergent skills. Our program is a positive approach to classroom management with rewards and consequences for school behavior.


Class rules are: 1.) Be kind 2.) Be careful 3.) Be caring

Primary (Grades 1-2-3)

Our primary program is designed to encourage our students to grow spiritually, emotionally, academically and socially. The use of differentiated instruction and hands-on activities provide a nurturing environment for students to succeed. Christian Values are a part of our everyday curriculum. The Religion program stresses an understanding of faith and prayers with an emphasis on service to others. In second grade, our sacramental program is an integral part of our religion program. Integrated Language Arts fosters the development of language skills. This program introduces reading skills and phonemic awareness. It also develops the skills of spelling, listening, creative writing, penmanship, and grammar. The students learn about themselves, their families, and their communities in Social Studies. The focus in Science includes hands-on activities that encourage an understanding of the workings of nature. The Mathematics curriculum develops an understanding of math concepts and skills through developmentally appropriate activities.

Upper Elementary (Grades 4-5)

In an effort to support students’ different learning styles and experiences, a variety of teaching methods is employed, including cooperative learning and the integration of technology. Religious instruction is two-fold: integrating formal catechesis and formation. A Christian atmosphere permeates all areas of instruction, discipline, and social interaction. We assist students to learn to put their faith into practice through service to family and community. An Integrated Language Arts approach to language development includes reading, listening, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, penmanship, creative writing, and literature. Instruction in critical reading and process writing skills is presented to enable students to succeed in all curriculum areas. Our sequential Mathematics program provides students with basic skills as well as the ability to apply mathematical concepts through the use of calculators, computers, and practical life experiences. This approach develops the students’ abilities to reason mathematically, communicate their findings, and become critical thinkers in solving mathematical problems. The Social Studies and Science curriculum areas are facilitated through a hands-on approach as well as through a systematic mastery of basic curriculum content. Cooperative learning and the integration of technology are used in an effort to support students’ learning styles.

Middle School (Grades 6-7-8)

The goal of the Middle School program is to instill in each student a spirit of commitment to God, self, and community through a loving and caring school environment. At the middle school level, the course of study in Religion emphasizes the progression from Old Testament to New Testament beginning with the birth of Jesus and progressing to the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. Grade seven spends time during the year in preparation for the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation in grade eight. Students participate in a service project of their own choice in preparation for Confirmation. An integrated approach to Language Arts fosters a love of literature and student expression through oral and written language. This approach is used to develop skills in reading, vocabulary, grammar, speaking, creative writing, listening, spelling, and penmanship. The Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics as prepared by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics comprise the core curriculum for Mathematics. Students move from concrete experiences to abstract concepts in all grades. In Social Studies, the five themes of geography serve as the foundation for study. Exposure to research skills, primary source analysis, and multi-media techniques enhance learning. In grades seven and eight students explore life, earth, and physical science through the use of hands-on activities. The scientific method is introduced and put into practice through laboratory experiences.

Special Curriculum Areas

Our Physical Education program enhances the overall well being of each student. A good Christian attitude is emphasized with the acceptance of each student’s individual gifts and talents through team spirit and cooperation. Students participate in units of various sports, cooperative learning activities, dance, and games through the year.

The Music Curriculum develops an appreciation for a variety of musical styles and cultures while introducing notation, style, and music history. Basic music skills are achieved through the use of rhythm instruments, hand bells, and xylophones. Liturgical music draws students to a deeper love of Christ and the sacraments. Students display their individual and collective talents through special dramatic programs and religious services.

As part of our Library Science program, students are introduced to literature through weekly library classes, author studies, and book circulation. Students in Pre-kindergarten through Grade Two are encouraged to explore literature through storytelling, while students in Grades Three through Eight concentrate on developing library skills and research strategies. There are four computers in the library equipped with an electronic Card Catalog for student and faculty use. The library is adjacent to the computer lab, allowing all students Internet access and research capabilities.

The Spanish Language Curriculum is focused on developing, reinforcing, and refining communicative competency in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture. The Spanish Lab classes are provided for the Middles School students. Meaningful communication and extensive exposure to a language-rich environment is provided through activities, such as learning games, story telling, songs, puppets, video tapes, crafts, and culture projects.

Computer Technology classes provide all students with weekly access to the latest technology. The networked Computer Lab is equipped with twenty-five Intel iMac computers, updated with the latest Mac OS X, along with a Smartboard and projector. In addition to reinforcing basic skills in keyboarding and word processing, students utilize programs that encourage them to develop creative and critical thinking skills. Most importantly, the students are involved in projects and assignments that reinforce skills and information that they are learning in their daily classes. iPads are explored in the classrooms to expand their knowledge of technology.

The Art Program follows a comprehensive curriculum that integrates art history, aesthetics, and criticism along with art production. The art program is designed to stimulate creative thought through personal expression of the student’s own ideas, reactions, and experiences. It encourages inventiveness and experimentation, and develops a sense of achievement within the child. God as the original Creator is constantly included in this environment.